LEL Operating Company has three

mutually beneficial companies:

 Superior Dairy, Creative Edge, and LEL Logistics.  


The entire operation is proudly housed in one plant in Canton, Ohio. Within the plant, Superior Dairy produces fluid milk products, cottage cheese, sour cream, flavored milk, ice cream and chip dip.


Superior's two sister companies, LEL Logistics and Creative Edge, are also on the premises.

LEL Logistics is responsible for product distribution, while Creative Edge operates as a strategic think tank.

Each company brings a unique competitive advantage to our business model. 

LEL Operating Company is committed to continuous improvement and has a tradition of exceeding customers' expectations.

Create. Implement. Deliver.


Since 1922, LEL Operating Company has been dedicated to improving your business.

Create. Implement. Deliver.

4719 Navarre Rd. SW,

Canton OH 44706

(330) 477-4515

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